Access Westlaw from Home

Thomson Reuters is giving North State Residents remote access to our Westlaw Plan for the foreseeable future while the pandemic is looming! Please telephone 1-800-328-4880, enter extension 855597 and a Customer Service agent will create a user name and password that will provide 20 hours of access to Westlaw and Practical Law over 14 days. This line is open from 7am-7pm CT to reflect the available times most libraries are open to patrons.

How to Search - Example

1. Sign on to Westlaw. Go to:

Enter the Username and Password provided; Click "I Agree"

2. Click "State Materials" on the line below "Browse"

3. Click "California"

4. Grab the Vertical Grey Bar on the right edge of your screen with your mouse and drag the bar down until Secondary Sources appears near the middle of your screen.

5. Click "All California Secondary Sources;" see Texts & Treatises appear.

6. Click "Rutter Group Practice Guides & Other Publications"

7. Click “Landlord-Tenant” below Practice Guides; Landlord-Tenant appears in the second column

CA Practice Guide Landlord-Tenant is a full book that can be read online; its contents have been updated since the COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act of 2020 became law; Note that the contents of the individual chapters in the book can be viewed by clicking the Plus “+” sign

8. Click the plus “+” sign next to Chapter 8 Unlawful Detainer Litigation: Pretrial Matters

9. Click A. Procedural Overview

Note: You can enlarge the text or change the font of the text to make the text easier to read. Look at the soft-grey bar that is near the top of the page that has "left arrow" ← "right arrow" →, “small A” “larger A” on it. Click on the two “A”s. Look at Display Options. Under Size “Medium” is pre-checked. Change “Medium” to “Large” and see what happens!

10. "Left arrow" ← "right arrow" → will allow you to read the next or previous sections in the book.

11. To Print, click on the “down arrow” ↓. You can email, print, or download the Contents.